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5 Different Ways to Tune a Guitar 

5 Different Ways to Tune a Guitar 

5 Different Ways to Tune a Guitar

There are many methods to tune a guitar. The most popular and standard method is where the guitar strings get tuned consecutively starting from the thickest string to the thinnest one. Other easier methods are simply the electronic & online tuners. Below are 5 ways on how to tune a guitar:

Tuning by Ear

This is likely the most popular method, when a player starts from the thickest (the lowest) to the thinnest (the higher) string or vice versa, as they sound the strings one after the other & tuning. The preciseness of the tuning is based on the expertise & the tuner’s ear.

Using a piano or keyboard

A piano is capable of maintaining the set tune for long, & as such is often a proper referencing source in case you are searching for a tuning source for your guitar. Here, 6 keyboard keys are utilized as the guitar’s tuner, where every key tunes every string on your guitar. This approach does, however, need a nearby piano & some little knowledge about its notes.

Online Tuner

Talk about getting virtually everything on the web, there is similarly an online guitar tuner. Generally, the online guitar tuner performs a good work, but it similarly depends on a developer, an online tuner that comes from a qualified developer begins with tuning every string to roughly the correct tension. Various passes are later made on every string, making the tension’s scale better every time. All these things are crucial because once you tune a single guitar’s string, the rest vary in tension, which makes it almost crucial to tune it in a perfect & correct manner. The online guitar tuners usually are made for every type of guitar, & have some convenience of being capable to carry them to whatever place by using a smartphone.

Fifth-Fret Method

This is a tuning method that you probably know best. It works in such a way that one holds the 5th fret of the sixth string & play at that note. Later, the open 5th string is played & then the two are compared. In case the note will sound flat for you, you require to tighten the fifth string in order to bring it down into tune with that fretted note which you are holding on the sixth string. If the open fifth string note is sounding sharp with respect to that note which you are holding on the sixth string, then you require to loosen the fifth string.

The Electronic Tuner

Here, some electronic device is normally used for measuring the frequency of every string on your guitar. The device later tunes these strings till the readings from these strings conform to the needed frequency. It might be utilized to tune the electric or even the acoustic guitars with a pickup. It’s an easy, fast, & a sure approach to tune your guitar. Additionally, you can learn more about tuning the guitar as you continue observing the manner in which your device works.


While some individuals prefer tuning their guitars as per their senses, the results might not be good as the ones achieved after using some surer means. At last, this process will take much of your time as well effort, without guaranteeing any form of perfection. If you want perfection, it’s better to utilize some effective guitar tuner.

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