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Clean an Acoustic Guitar

Clean an Acoustic Guitar

Clean an Acoustic Guitar

It is advisable to take good care of your acoustic guitar if you see it as a worthy investment. Cleaning your guitar is not about merely wiping it down with a cloth. Keeping your guitar means giving a proper and in-depth cleaning that would make anybody who sees it proud. Therefore, it is advisable for you to use a soft cloth to polish and clean it. Sometimes you can opt to use a particular polishing cloth which is being offered by many manufacturers of musical instrument accessories. Beware of some paper towels which are capable of scratching an excellent guitar furnish.This typically occurs to guitars with the lacquer of shellac French polish.

Step 1

string off your instrument

Here ,you are required to string off your instrument. The removal of the lines is a good recommendation by many manufacturers since they say that it won’t damage them if they are taken off all at once. Once you have removed all the strings, proceed to the fretboard. A fretboard typically needs most attention since it is made up of the beautiful, unfinished rosewood. Proper cleaning of this section requires a steel wool and conditioner to get rid of the most of the gunk buildup. Alternatively, you may
decide to use an old toothbrush to scrub the fretboard. Finally, remove the excess
conditioner by wiping the fretboard with a paper towel or a guitar cloth.

Step 2

This step involves cleaning the bridge.It can be washed similar to the fretboard but there some few tips which will be added. To begin with, remove the saddle and nuts.The removal process can be done using the conditioner and toothbrush used earlier to give it a good scrub. Here, you should take sufficient time to remove all the dirt that has accumulated around the end where the bridge is typically glued especially to the soundboard.

Step 3

This is the last step, and it involves cleaning and finishing.You should do this properly since it will go most noticed especially by those around you-there ensure that the finishing is carried out professionally. Cleaning the finish is also crucial since it helps to avoid sweat smudges and dirt spots.

Step 4

This step involves the final touches for this entire process. Make sure to clean all the inside of the guitar which accumulates dust and cobwebs before you attaching the lines. Always take caution not to use water since it will damage it. The best item to use is a paper towel which can be used for grabbing the dust bunnies that are typically collected along the edges.

Lastly, you can now take back the strings and enjoy its beautiful look and feel.

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